Friday, July 16, 2010

Todd's 25th birthday

For Todd's 25th birthday on July 9 we had a surprise party on July 8th. I told him i was working and he had a softball game at 7, but told him it was changed to 6 and that he needed to be there at 5:30 for a team meeting. He never suspected a thing. Not even his family who is horrible at keeping secrets told him. He was very shocked when he showed up and we were all there yelling surprise! Everyone pitched in and got him a Play Station 3, I got him the new MLB 2010 game, and Cache got him a few packs of basketball cards. It was such a fun day we watched his game which they won and then headed up the canyon for the Miller reunion.


The Newcomb's said...

I am glad the surprise worked out. I love surprises too. You are a great wife and mother.